To Expectant Mothers During COVID-19

May 27, 2020   Practice News & Events


Even in a non-pandemic environment, the pregnancy journey can cause a rollercoaster of emotions—excitement, nervousness, joy, and stress.

Those feelings are likely heightened even more in the current COVID-19 climate. One thing that all expectant mothers can count on is the support of their medical team. Surely changes have been implemented to ensure all providers, patients, and staff are safe, but this team is, and always will be, a resource throughout the journey to becoming a mother.

At Garrison, we’ve heard from many of our expectant patients who are mentally preparing for the birth of their babies. Each has a variety of thoughts and concerns about delivery day. Will she be separated from her baby after giving birth? Will her partner join her in the delivery room? Will she and her partner have to socially isolate afterwards? How will she manage without a community of people around her to help when the baby is born?

We want to help alleviate these concerns by sharing some information:

Covid-19 and pregnancy

While this is a new virus and data is limited, the data we do have is quite reassuring for pregnancy. We have not seen that a pregnant woman‘s presumed immunocompromised state makes COVID-19 especially dangerous for her. We have also not seen COVID-19 transmission in utero through amniotic fluid or breast milk. There have been reports of a few women and their babies contracting COVID-19 and fully recovering. Overall, it is comforting to know there have been mild cases reported for pregnant women in general.


Social distancing and isolation

Social distancing is extremely effective. If an expectant mother can socially isolate with her partner in the final two weeks of pregnancy, they will likely be together during the birth (as her provider would assume she wasn't at risk).

Keep in mind that after giving birth, many women will naturally socially isolate as they get acclimated to a new routine and motherhood. The only difference may be there are no visitors physically stopping in to say hello, but rather checking in virtually.


Pregnancy care

Having a baby is one of the most memorable and important experiences for a woman and her family. We will do all we can to ensure your pregnancy experience is healthy, happy, and safe. The providers at Garrison are here for you. Although we have fewer office visits and are asking patients to isolate, that does not mean there is no care available. We have to be creative and careful (utilizing telehealth calls for instance). If a patient doesn't have to come into the office, then it is recommended that she has a virtual appointment instead. As a precaution, we don’t allow visitors to accompany you to your appointment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t Facetime your mom or partner during the visit. As the cases decrease, we will be able to lift restrictions and allow more visitors.


Your concerns are valid

Although your worries around bringing a new life into the world during these unforeseen times are valid, know that you are not alone. It is completely normal to feel anxious, but use your support system to help get you through. You got this, mamas!


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— Janet Perkins, M.D.

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