On-Site TestingUltrasound

Imaging that provides a clear look inside.

In addition to prenatal ultrasounds, we offer ultrasounds for our gynecological patients and supplement our mammography care with breast ultrasonography.

couple holding ultrasound photo

Prenatal ultrasound

Seeing your baby for the first time is an exciting moment. We're honored to share that moment with you here in our Dover, NH, office. Our ultrasonographers, Tracey and Lori, have more than four decades of ultrasound experience between them. They look forward to evaluating your baby’s wellbeing and providing you with a memory you’ll have for a lifetime.

An ultrasound (or "sonogram") creates pictures of the internal organs from sound waves, and unlike other imaging techniques, uses no radiation. It is very valuable for determining the health of the pregnancy, for both mother and baby. Some of the information ultrasounds can provide includes:

  • Age of the fetus
  • Amount of amniotic fluid
  • Rate of growth of the fetus
  • Number of fetuses
  • Position of placenta
  • Some birth defects
  • Fetal position, movement, breathing, and heart rate

Other uses for ultrasound

While ultrasound is most commonly associated with pregnancy, this technology can provide an internal view of other organs and parts of the body, and is used to help your provider get a better look in order to diagnose a variety of issues.

Ultrasound can help to:

  • Identify a pelvic or breast mass
  • Show the location and characteristics of a mass
  • Detect problems causing pelvic pain
  • Locate the position of an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Monitor ovulation in treating infertility

Accredited through the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, Garrison offers the most advanced technology available with 3D ultrasounds.

We perform them exclusively in our Dover, NH, office for your convenience. We are often able to offer same-day scanning for patients with acute problems. We have been acknowledged as a practice that meets or exceeds nationally accepted standards.

Did You Know?

In the 1970s, Garrison Women’s Health obtained the first ultrasound machine in a private physician’s office in the country. In the 1980s the practice added the first intravaginal ultrasound transducer in the state of New Hampshire.

woman undergoing ultrasound