ObstetricsObstetric Surgery

Expert care, advanced treatments.

You're in great hands at Garrison Women's Health. Our compassionate team is proud to offer a wide range of obstetric procedures to mitigate any health risks and improve your overall comfortability. From reproductive surgery to procedures to help with incontinence, you'll find yourself surrounded by industry experts that will listen to you, address all of your concerns, and recommend the best treatment plan for your health needs.

A few of the obstetric procedures we provide


Ovarian cyst removal

Endometriosis surgery

Treatment for problems of the cervix, vulva, and vagina

Endometrial ablation (treatment of heavy menstrual periods)

Ovary removal

Treatment of condyloma (genital warts)

happy woman after surgery

How do I know if obstetric surgery is right for me?

At Garrison Women's Health, we take a personalized approach to your care, which means you and your provider will meet to discuss your unique situation and address any concerns you may have. If appropriate, your provider will review a number of treatment options with you to ensure everything is working as it should and that you are comfortable and healthy.