Midwives bring a holistic approach to prenatal care.

By electing to see one of our certified nurse-midwives, you'll enjoy their wealth of knowledge, high level of compassionate care, and individualized, holistic approach to women's health that is truly unique to our practice. In 1975, we became the first practice in New Hampshire to offer midwifery care. Since then our midwives have provided the Seacoast and Southern Maine communities with their medical expertise and commitment to the lifelong care of women.

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What is a midwife and how do they differ from my OB?

Great question! The word midwife literally means "with woman." Certified nurse-midwives (like the ones at Garrison) are fully trained and licensed nurses who have additional, extensive training and national certification in midwifery.

While an OB and a midwife can both deliver your baby, midwives believe in the natural process of pregnancy, labor, and birth and offer both physical and emotional support for the entire duration of your care.

At Garrison, our midwives:

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Believe in a natural birthing process

A midwife’s approach focuses on nurturing and empowering women to be in control of their pregnancy journey. Midwives believe in the natural process of pregnancy, labor, and birth. While not averse to pain medication, they typically recommend other pain management techniques such as giving birth in a bath or encouraging an expectant mother to breathe deeply as a relaxation measure. Provided there are no complications, most women who choose to labor with midwives are more likely to have a natural vaginal birth.

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Act as your built-in support system

Midwives are wonderful listeners and keep a watchful eye on mothers-to-be during the labor and delivery process, as well as during prenatal and postpartum care. Once your bundle of joy is born, a midwife can help with breastfeeding, provide emotional support to combat any new-mom jitters, and be there to lean on if needed.

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Work closely and collaboratively with you and other providers

Garrison has a collaborative model for midwifery care, and just like our prenatal services, it's all about choices and flexibility. You can choose whether to see a midwife or a doctor for your visits, but most of our clients see both. Above all else, you have the full support of our team behind you to deliver your baby in the safest and healthiest way possible!

Get to know our midwives!

Interested in learning more about our midwifery care? Consider attending one of our Meet the Midwives events here at Garrison.

These semi-annual casual gatherings will give you the opportunity to hear more about what midwives do and ask any questions you may have about their work. As the first practice in New Hampshire to offer midwifery services, Garrison Women’s Health has the experience and history to showcase the unique approach midwives offer.

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Words from Real Moms

I can’t begin to tell you how much we have appreciated the care provided to us over the last seven years by Garrison Women’s Health. We have been so lucky to have had our healthy children, all with your midwives.

Our experiences were amazing and will forever be in our hearts. Your love and support before, during and after the birth of our children has been like no other.

- Miranda M.