ObstetricsDrop-In Nurture Nook

Monitor your baby any time.

Open to all prenatal patients, this tranquil space is the perfect environment for you to relax and spend time connecting with your baby on your own. And the best part? You can drop-in at any time between Monday and Friday—no appointment required!

Nurture Nook sign

Find peace of mind in a peaceful space.

We understand that pregnancy is an incredibly emotional and physical experience, and having the opportunity to find a little peace of mind between your prenatal appointments goes a long way in easing concerns and strengthening the bond between mom and baby.

In our Nurture Nook, expecting moms can:

Drop in any time

between 8AM-5PM Monday-Thursday and 8AM-4PM on Friday, without the need for an appointment.

Take measurements

Listen to your baby's heart rate (best after Week 20)

Take fetal measurements

Check your own blood pressure

* Please note that there is no medical provider in this space (no nurse, midwife, or doctor), so it does not substitute for a scheduled prenatal visit.