GynecologyVaginal Rejuvenation (MonaLisa Touch)

Same-day services to reverse vaginal atrophy.

After a woman goes through menopause, she is often left with itching, decreased secretions during sexual activity, and pain with intercourse—also known as vaginal atrophy. These common symptoms, due to decreased estrogen levels, can be managed right here at Garrison Women’s Health using a tool called MonaLisa Touch, which increases blood flow and regenerates vaginal tissue. Also called vaginal rejuvenation, this treatment is so much more than the cosmetic procedure it's often known as.

What should you expect during the procedure?

Quick and easy office visit

This non-surgical procedure is performed at our office during a routine outpatient appointment. In most cases, it only takes five minutes!

Fast recovery

The procedure typically requires no anesthesia and most patients resume their routines within a few days of the procedure.

Safe and effective

MonaLisa Touch is non-hormonal and chemical-free. It is a well-studied laser that has been widely accepted by experts in female pelvic health worldwide.

Is this procedure covered by insurance?

No, this procedure is not covered by insurance.

Please contact our office at (603) 742-0101 to learn more about pricing.

MonaLisa Touch
MonaLisa Touch

Are there side effects?

Minor side effects may occur, including pinpoint spotting or bleeding; pink, brown, or watery discharge; redness, swelling, or inflammation; tenderness, itching, irritation, burning upon urination; or vaginal discomfort. Be sure to discuss any concerns you have with your provider.