Announcing the Essential Eight Program!

October 24, 2018   Practice News & Events

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Our practice and providers are continually evolving to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. In that spirit, we understand that we should fit into our patients' schedules, and not the other way around. This is why we have created the new Essential Eight Program, an optional alternative to our traditional model of prenatal appointments.

We may only see many of our patients a few times a year for annual screenings and exams. But expectant mothers come see us 14 times (on average) in a short 9-month period. It’s safe to say we get to know our patients and their babies very well during this journey. We understand that this volume of visits can be difficult for some to fit into their busy schedules. Some moms have already gone through a pregnancy — they know the ropes and don’t feel the need to attend all of the visits. Some may need to travel long distances for appointments, or just simply don’t have the time with their busy work lives or schedules. This is why we want to give you the choice to drive your own schedule of care with the Essential Eight Program. This new model gives you the same level of care, with fewer office visits.

Pregnancy is an experience that is different for every single woman. We believe there is no one path to a healthy pregnancy, which is why personalized birth plans have been a staple of our practice since 1962. As women caring for women, we want to mothers-to-be to feel equipped to make their own decisions and collaborate with us to develop birth plans that are on their terms.