Making state healthcare history since 1962.

Our story begins in July 1962, when Dr. Robert Hatch moved back to his childhood hometown of Dover, New Hampshire, and opened a solo practice as the first OB/GYN specialist in town. Since then, Garrison Women's Health has been proudly providing obstetric and gynecologic care to women in the Seacoast region for over 50 years! In this time, we've enjoyed a number of firsts and milestones in improving the quality of healthcare for women in the area.

First in the state to employ nurse midwives

While nurse midwives are more common in New Hampshire today, Judith Edwards, RN, CNM, was the pioneer in proving just how valuable midwives can be during a woman's pregnancy.

First in the state to offer in-office fetal ultrasound and monitoring

The practice introduced infertility surgery, culdoscopy, and then laparoscopy to our gynecology services, as well as microsurgical gynecological techniques. All of which improve the health and safety of mom and baby!

First — and only — site in the state accredited to perform bone density scans

This recognition from the International Society for Clinical Densitometry to perform and interpret DXA (bone density) scans solidifies our commitment to the highest quality of care for our patients.